Torfaen Council to appoint Canal Officer to Secure Restoration

We are delighted to report that Torfaen County Borough Council has recently decided to create a new Canals Officer Post. The post-holder will develop a strategy and seek external sources of funding to restore and improve the maintenance of the canal through the Borough. The committee debates also confirmed the Councils vision; to restore the canal in phases working their way south from the existing end of navigation at Five Locks Cwmbran, eventually restoring its complete length within the Borough.

During the debates our Trust’s role in promoting the canal and the role of our volunteers in partnering with the Council to restore and maintain the canal was widely praised by Councillors and Officers. We thank the Council for acknowledging our role and look forward to working in partnership with them to secure our joint vision.

Featured image at the top of this post – photo of Lower Brake lock in Torfaen, by Linda –