Pontywaun Slipway to be rebuilt

Recent canal re-lining works by Caerphilly County Borough Council at Pontywaun required the removal of a slipway at Hall’s Road Terrace, Pontywaun. The slipway, built by MBACT volunteers in 2001, allowed boats to be launched into the canal and has been used extensively in the past for popular boat rallies. Since its removal, MBACT has been actively involved in discussions with officers at the Council to explore options for its replacement, including the involvement of the IWA Waterways Recovery Group. Following these discussions, we are please to report that the Council has decided to engage contractors to undertake the work.

We have been advised that these contractors will be setting up a site compound and security fence around 13th/14th July in readiness for works commencing on 17th July, which should last around 4 weeks. We understand that a temporary diversion for users around the works will be in place.

With the re-construction of the slipway and recent local canal dredging works completed, our Trust looks forward to working in partnership with Caerphilly County Borough Council and Islwyn Canals Association to reinstate boating activity on this stretch of the Crumlin Arm.

The header photo shows the slipway as it was before the canal was relined thus blocking the slipway.

Header photo – Slipway, Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal cc-by-sa/2.0 – © M J Roscoegeograph.org.uk/p/5588964