Stage 1 - Open Canoe 6 miles:

Open canoes (Canadian) style, buoyancy aids and paddles are supplied as part of your entry fee. There will be 2 boats per team and therefore 2 persons per boat. Any participants under 16 must be accompanied in a canoe by an adult.

We supply:
Canoes, Buoyancy Aids, Paddles, Marshals

You Need:
• Suitable clothing and footwear for a long and active day out – we would suggest synthetic materials which wick and dry easier in the event of getting wet. Jeans and cotton Tee’s are NOT suitable! Consider waterproofs if the weather is cold and or wet.

Be aware that there is a very unlikely chance of falling in the canal! You will need to be aware of this and take necessary precautions to protect your valuables in the case of a capsize. Smartphones don’t like canal water!

Stage 2 - Bike Leg 18 miles:

You Need:
• A Bike! - Mountain bikes or hybrids are recommended, full suspension bikes are acceptable but not necessary.
• Bikes must be in good working order with 2 properly functioning brakes!
• Tyres need to be capable of standing up to gravel and possibly mud in places.
• Approved Bike Helmet with chin strap.
• Spare Inner Tubes, puncture repair kit, tyre levers, pump etc. in the event of a puncture or mechanical.
• If you need to hire bikes then we suggest you contact local companies such as Bikes & Hikes or ???

Stage 3 - Run / Walk / Hike Leg 11 miles:

• Suitable footwear for running /walking / hiking 11 miles along the towpath. Be aware that sections can be slippery and muddy particularly after rain and so decent tread is recommended.

Team Kit:

First Aid Kit:

This can be a team first aid kit (or each individual) but needs to contain enough kit to be able to look after someone until the event medic can reach you. It should also contain items for dealing with blisters etc. Please note that whilst St Johns ambulance will be attending the event it is their job to deal with real emergencies and not your blisters!


There will be opportunities to buy food on route but it is suggested that you have an ‘emergency stash’ should the team succumbs to hunger pains!

Other considerations:

• Hat / Gloves
• Sunglasses
• Sun Screen
• Food
• Money
• Camera
• Anything you think will make your journey more enjoyable.
• Sense of humour!

If you have any further questions or queries then please don’t hesitate to contact us: or 07792 926055.

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