The Community Boat

Why we are undertaking the project

boatThe Trust has bought an old canal boat which it is refurbishing for use on the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal as a Community Boat resource. It will seat 38 passengers, be eco-friendly, being driven by electric motor, and have a wheelchair lift. It will be operated by Trust volunteers on the navigable section of the canal.

At present we operate a small passenger boat, taking school parties and families onto the water. Other than for a commercial trip boat at Brecon, no boat is available (other than our small craft shown opposite) for the community to experience the canal by water. With our new larger boat, our aim is to include all sections of the community who will be encouraged to take a trip on this beautiful waterway to learn about its history and wildlife. It will allow us to cater for those needing a wheelchair, and allow us to accommodate a whole school class on board, in effect functioning as a floating classroom. We also believe it will help to raise the profile of the canal and to assist the Trust in it’s mission to promote and restore it.

Having lain in a scrap yard for two years, the boat requires a substantial amount of work including steelwork repair and repaint. Refitting the boat to bring it up to modern sustainable standards and make it suitable for use by the community, including those using a wheelchair, will cost a considerable sum of money, and take some time to achieve. Follow our progress by viewing our Blog by clicking the Blogger logo at the top left of the page.

We are most grateful for the generous help given to us by companies and organisations, without whose assistance the project could not have been undertaken. These are listed opposite.


Financial help is urgently needed not only to fund the boat's restoration, but also in future to cover it’s ongoing running costs. All donations and offers of help to run the boat are very welcome – please call the Fourteen Locks Canal Centre on 01633 892167 to find out more, or please see our contact page