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EMagazine – 22th March 2015

Greetings All,

Welcome to all our new members and those who have changed their e mail addresses in the last year.

On the subject of Membership comes the news from Wyn Mitchell that you can now join the MBAC Trust or renew your existing membership on line. Access to the system is via the MBACT Website

Boatman’s Licenses. To operate a Trip Boat carrying passengers one needs a Boatsman License. MBACT has several boatmen but we need more and to this end our chief boatman and Health and Safety officer, Tony Pugh, has recently started familiarisation days.

Most of the canals in South Wales are in the hands of Local Authorities, Associations or Trusts, each one of these will have to ensure that any operator on it’s waters are competent, but probably has little idea how to ensure this. We could land up with a different set of licensing rules/procedures for each stretch of water. This would impact on the operators who move their Trip Boats from place to place for local events. In the case of MBACT’s “Edith-Elizabeth” which has operated on water owned by C.R.T., Torfaen, Newport, Caerphilly, Cotswold Trust, Hereford and Neath, we could be looking at 7 licenses for each boatman! This was already a problem when we went to Resolven for the Neath Trail Boat Rally. A unified approach among the authorities would be the best way forward and so far, Torfaen, Newport and Caerphilly have expressed agreement. Watch this space.

Holiday Flat in Torquay for one week.
This was the First Prize for last years Duck Race, kindly donated by the Rev. John Collier, which has kindly been donated back to MBACT to help raise funds. The value ranges from £250/week in the winter to £600/week in the summer and it was agreed by the committee last night that it should be actioned in the E-Mag until 31st March 2015. The highest bid over £250 by that date is the winner and bids can be sent to this e mail address.

Entries for this years Canalathon started 5 minutes after entries were opened! If you wish to enter please do it on line via the MBACT web site and follow the links. Entries will only be accepted at Fourteen Locks if you do not have a computer ( in which case you won’t be seeing this!!)  If you don’t want to enter but would like to be involved on the day, we will be looking for volunteers closer to the day, Sunday 6th September.

Crumlin Arm
At the Working Group Meeting at Caerphilly in February, the Crumlin Arm Action Plan 2015 was tabled and well received by the group. The detail given to the obstructions and their possible resolution shows how technology has changed since the last survey was done. The engineer Kevin Kinsey is enthusiastic about completing the works at Pontywaun and clearing the silt at The Darren in good time for the event in July.
y Roberts Bridge
We all know Harry Roberts bridge is on the boundary between Newport and Caerphilly sections, but who was he? Any family history, anecdotes or other information will be welcomed.

The Cwmbran and Pontnewydd Water Festival takes place on Saturday and Sunday 20th and 21st June, don’t miss it. All events are shown on the website.

See you on the cut.