Schools Visits – Terms and Conditions

Schools visits are arranged with Newport City Council.

To ensure a safe visit, the Lead Teacher will be expected to take an active part in the visit and will be entirely responsible for discipline, safety and overall control of the group. Teachers are welcome to arrange a preliminary visit with MBACT Staff to discuss the programme, the group’s needs and assess the site conditions but schools are reminded that it is the responsibility of each school to risk assess their visit.

The maximum ratio of pupils to supervisors on the day is a minimum of 1:15, with 1:10 being preferable. Individual children may require higher ratios and that is down to the Teacher’s discretion.

Fourteen Locks School visit
Fourteen Locks Schools Visit

It is the Teacher’s responsibility to ensure that students and adults are wearing appropriate footwear and clothing for the conditions. Our Trust advises that all members of the group wear wellies or sturdy boots, waterproof coats and waterproof trousers. Warm jumpers and even hats and gloves may be necessary. Also consider sun protection if it is hot. Long-legged trousers and long-sleeved tops will also offer protection from brambles, nettles and insect bites, all of which are likely to be encountered along the canal.

In the case of an accident, the Teacher and visiting staff will need to be on hand to give any information about special requirements or medical conditions, therefore details of all students and adults on the visit must be held by the Teacher. The Teacher will be responsible for ensuring that at least one adult supervisor with the group has an up to date first aid qualification, and that the medical history of every group member is known (including the adult supervisors).

The school will indemnify MBACT against all claims arising from any loss or damage, or injury or death to participants and any third parties arising from the educational visit. The school will, during the period of the visit, maintain an insurance policy with a reputable insurance provider.