MBACT welcomes the news that Newport City Council is to commence works on the Crumlin Arm

MBACT welcomes the long awaited news that Newport City Council is to commence works on the Crumlin Arm of the canal north of Fourteen Locks to the Caerphilly CBC boundary at Harry Roberts Bridge.  MBACT have had regular meetings with NCC officers responsible for the canal and have always emphasised the importance of the canal to our members and the local community.

Initially NCC plan to install bunds at several points along the canal between Fourteen Locks and Ruskin Avenue.  The bunds are being installed now in readiness for future works between Harry Roberts Bridge and Pontymason Lane. The work here, which will take place over the summer, will see this section drained down and de-silted.  As part of the draining down, water from this section will be over pumped downstream towards Fourteen Locks.  As water is reintroduced into this section, the bunding will help them monitor water levels and identify possible leaks.

The bunds will also help with draining down Lock 21, Cefn Wharf Lock, in preparation for it being fitted with new lock gates later this year.  We are pleased that Newport City Council has decided to use MBACT’s design of composite lock gate. This innovative design has been successfully deployed at the Ty Coch flight in Torfaen. The gates are made of thickly galvanised steel box sections, with some relatively minor oak components. This design has a number of unique advantages over a traditional gate. It lasts much longer, perhaps 100+ years rather than 20, is much easier to install as it’s sectional and does not require a large crane, and looks appropriate as they have the appearance of a traditional timber gate.  Further information on Lock 21 here:

Find out more about the modular composite lock gates.

We understand that the towpaths along this section of the canal will remain open throughout the works, though path users may be held back at certain times for a short period when machinery is in operation.